ERP PLUS - If you have an Idea to make your business

better then we have the knowledge to make it into a

Digital Solution.


Here is what makes ERP PLUS “Simply Brilliant Software”

  Get better Engagement with your customers using email marketing from your CRM.

 Close more deals and manage all customer interactions in one place more efficiently.

 All information stored in one place for quick easy access, decision making and reporting.

 ERP PLUS helps manage your Accounts, Sales and Operations to a wide array of industries.

 Customizable and flexible solutions to suite any business management requirements.

 24/7 customer support team to help all users from Small to Large Enterprises.

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Specialised Needs

ERP PLUS is a flexible ERP platform which scales to businesses of any size. The misconception that ERP solution is only suitable for large organizations is not true. In fact, small to medium sized businesses can also benefit from customizable ERP solutions. ERP PLUS is based on modular architecture which can adapt according to your business requirements and grows with your business.

We can analyse your business needs and requirements and come up with the best solution that will optimise and make processes more efficient. Using a system that thinks ahead eliminates a lot of headaches for businesses wasting time trying different applications when they are going through change management.

ERP PLUS allows you to easily grow your business with add on modules that work seamlessly as and when you need without worrying about what systems you are going to use, how much IT is going to cost etc. ERP PLUS is a hassle free way to run any business efficiently to its full potential with the minimum of cost and happy customers.


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