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FAQ -  Answers

What is ERP PLUS subscription?

You get access to our scalable cloud infrastructure including hosting, incremental daily backups on our servers, email integration, top notch security, 24/7 monitoring and a control panel to manage your ERP PLUS environment. Our support teams are available from Monday to Sunday 24/7.

What is a FREE user on ERP PLUS?

 The free offer is forever, but limited by the number of users and the hosting space. This offer gives you access to our products and allows you to trial them at your convenience. When you are comfortable with the products you can easily switch to paid subscription and full service offers.

What is a Paid user on ERP PLUS?

A user is defined as an employee or a supplier who has access to ERP PLUS in create / edit / delete mode. External users such as clients, visitors or suppliers who are portal users, or who access their invoices dashboard are not counted users.

Can I use my own domain name for my website?

Yes you as this will give you transparency for your customers. Our support team is able to guide you during implementation in order to setup your domain using ERP PLUS based on how you plan and manage your emails using the same domain name.

Why do some apps automatically use other apps?

Some Apps are built on top of others, meaning those Apps require their parent App to operate. For example, E-Commerce is dependent on the website App. In order to activate E-Commerce, you will also need to install a website to inherit its parent functionalities.

What is the difference between subscriptions and packages?

 The default apps are standardised across our platform under the general use subscription plans. There is no modification required, you simply create an account and start using the software. The Packages are customised to your business and requires modification which we can help with.

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